Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Alex is so funny!

He has finally got over his cold and has been on wonderful form. He really loves to interact with everything and is constantly experimenting to find out what things do. We have had the greatest of fun these past few evenings and I have loved every bit of the time spent with him. One of his latest hilarities is to put his face down onto the floor/table top/toy/highchair etc and to test what it feels like with his nose, to sort of give it an open mouthed kiss and to try and suck at it or lick it. Not the greatest of things for him to do in the park and I am trying to teach him that certain things are ‘dirty’ and he isn’t to lick them or eat them, but I have to say at other times it just makes me giggle. He has also discovered that he really likes toasted granary bread with a little bit of butter smeared on it and will sit happily munching his way through this while we eat our meal (he has his lunch earlier than us). He chatters away constantly and smears the toast in his hair and generally gets good and mucky but loves every minute of it.
He is practicing his walking, but so far I haven’t managed to capture it on film...this is mostly because he walks/totters/lurches towards me and I have to catch him, and he only walks a few steps at a time (5 is the record so far!). He is so funny with his walking though as he will only do it when he is in the mood, not when we want him to, and if I am too far away from him he goes ‘forget this for a game of soldiers’ and crawls towards me instead when I say ‘come to Mummy’! All good fun. He had his MMR injection this week and we are waiting to see whether he suffers with any side effects, so far not too bad. He is a real little boy with an interest in cars, trains and buses etc and today his favourite toy has been a big red bus which he has spent pushing around the room to his great satisfaction hence the picture above.
I have managed to do a little crafting in the evenings after Alex has gone to bed and completed my 4 ATCs for the May technique swap on CM&PC forum. The technique this month is heat embossing and so I have made these four ATCs using a mixture of different stamps and embossing powders. The autumnal leaves one has used clear embossing powder over a brayered background and then coloured in green ink on top. The rose hasn’t really achieved the effect I wanted as the embossing and the colouring are too close in looks better in ‘real life’.
This card was made using the ‘Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady’ papers that were designed exclusively for Cardmaking & Papercraft. I am really pleased with the effect and hope to make some more using the other designs later this week.
Finally, I made this scrapbook layout of the first time Alex met his Uncle Ben, Auntie Jenny, and cousins Sam and Tom when he was 7 weeks old. The layout is based on a sketch from Pencil Lines and the journalling reads 'Ben, Jenny and the boys came to meet Alex and Sam was fascinated by him telling us all "Shush, Baby Alex is sleeping". Tom on the other hand wasn't that impressed!" I would love to know what you think. More soon,

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LazyKay said...

What lovely work you've got there.

One of the good things about having a young child around is that you rediscover how fascinating simple things are, texture, taste, smell, feel - it's lovely to share their awakening to the things around them.