Saturday, 3 May 2008

Off on our holidays!

Tim, Alex and myself are setting off on our holidays tomorrow and I can't wait. We are borrowing my aunt's house in Itchenor and should get some lovely sea walks, beach trips, and days out to interesting places. I can't wait...I love going away and exploring places. Although I know Itchenor very well I have never really done tourist trips from there and am am really looking forward to it. We have spent today packing and trying to get things ready for the is not easy to pack when a little boy is crawling round your feet and trying to unpack as fast as you can pack!
The weather has been kind the last couple of days so Alex and I have been to the park twice and we have been out as a family to do the shopping for the holiday. I so love watching Alex crawl around the playground as he obviously enjoys it he was trying to pull the roundabout around!
I have done a little crafting in the past few days, although not as much as I would have liked! I have made my scrapbook page for the week entitled 'The Face'. I thought that I had scrapbooked all Alex's smiles and nice moments, and therefore it was time to scrapbook his moody moments. The journalling reads 'INTERPRETATION: I'M STARVING (just a little hungry really), I'M TIRED (but I don't want to sleep), I DON'T WANNA (go to sleep), I WANNA (do something you don't want me to). The photo and interpretation were from when he was only a few months old, but the interpretations are still fairly accurate now.
Finally I have also made the last 5 inchies that are needed for the black and white swap. I have enjoyed doing these although it has been a challenge and hope to make and swap some more inchies in the future. I just have to write some details on the backs and then these are finished...that will have to wait until after the holiday. I am taking some crafting stuff with me, but am not sure whether I will get the opportunity to do any crafting at all...we will have to see how things go. Not sure I will have internet access either so I may not be able to update this until I get back. Have a great week everyone,


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LazyKay said...

Safe journey Caro - have a lovely holiday.