Monday, 26 May 2008

Bank Holiday weekend

Don't you just love a long weekend! Three days of playing with Alex, crafting, visiting relatives and going to the park. Wonderful! Alex has been a bit off colour following his MMR injection, off his food, not sleeping well at night and therefore being tired and moody during the day. Despite that we have had a lot of fun and he has been practicing his walking more and more. Yesterday we spent the day at Tim's parents and unexpectedly were joined by Tim's brother and his family. It was lovely to see the three boys interacting and having so much fun charging round the house. Sadly we had to leave shortly after lunch because Alex was so tired (most unusually he fell asleep within 2 minutes of being placed in the car), but at least we got to see everyone. We keep saying that we must arrange to meet more often, but never seem to manage it.
Saturday and today were spent doing little jobs that needed doing round the place (hoovering, emptying bins, washing etc), taking Alex to the park (he enjoys it so much that he cries when I put him in the pushchair to come home!), watching Tim messing around with Alex (makes all of us laugh out loud) and crafting (I have had fun!).
Crafting wise I have made two cards using Penny Black stamps (from a stamp swap I did on the CM&PC forum), coloured in with watercolour pencils and mounted on Nanna's kids card. This first one, the elephant, is for my nephew who will be 1 in June. His Mum loves elephants hence the choice of image...I can't decide whether I have managed to colour it in OK...not great with shading, but I don't suppose he will notice!!
The five bunnies are for Aysha, my Goddaughter who is a very girly girl loving all things pink! I am happier with the shading on this one, but would love to know what you think as I am still an amateur when it comes to this type of art.
Finally I have also completed a layout of Alex (surprise surprise!). This one is a fairly simple layout entitled 'Crafting with Mummy' and uses a photo taken in November, and a flower cut out of one of Alex's drawings. The patterned background paper with all its swirls on reminded me of crafting so I didn't feel that I needed to add anything else to it other than the ribbons and flower. The journalling reads ' Alex loves sitting'crafting' on my lap. Anything that he can bang against the desk is always a big hit as well as bits of paper that he can scrunch up. It does make it a little more tricky for me to craft, but is very sweet!' More soon,

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LazyKay said...

Lovely pictures again Caro - lovely to see Alex with his cousins.

Great page and lovely cards.