Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Finally, I have some photos of Alex walking...he can now walk up to 12 steps without collapsing and stands for nearly a minute at a time unaided. He is so pleased with himself whenever he does it that it is lovely. I have been back at work these past few days trying to catch up with various admin jobs that need doing and spending most of my time trying to make two posters for a work conference in Sheffield. They take hours to make and then blinking microsoft goes a loses half your work - talk about frustrating! Never mind, I got there in the end and have had some fun games with Alex in the evening to make up for it. The poor little mite is very fed up with this weather as he is so used to going outside with me everyday that when he can't h looks most miffed! We have had fun chasing round inside though playing lots of silly games that make him giggle. I just love that infectious laugh.
In the evenings after Alex is in bed I have gone completely trading card crazy. I was given a booklet about the links between China and the Royal Society when I last went down to London and being the good crafter that I am I cut out every usable picture from it to make trading cards with. Combining these really different and authentic images with oriental writing and coin stamps has generated lots of ATCs (all available for swapping). I am quite pleased with the way I have managed to use these images as they are relatively unusual.
I have also made a set of blue butterfly ATCs using different K&Co backgrounds and doodles drawn with a sakura stardust pen, and a blue vellum butterfly mounted on top.
Finally I made these two ATCs for Jo Walker who I owe two. They are very different from each other, although both use K&Co backgrounds. As usual I would love to know what you think of all my artwork. More soon,

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Great work Caro.