Friday, 23 May 2008

Having so much fun...

...being a Mum! It is the best thing ever. Alex is so entertaining, interested in everything, trying out new things each day including trying to feed me, giving me his phone to talk into, saying words that sound a bit like 'updown' to indicate which game he wants to play, and clambering all over me to name but a few things. Yesterday evening after his supper we went out into the garden for half an hour before bed which was lovely...I have to confess, our 'lawn' has only been cut once so far this year so it looks more like a meadow with dandelions etc growing in it. Alex though it was wonderful crawling through the long grass, trying to walk (very tricky on the slope and uneven ground) and generally chatting to me non-stop.
Alex was very funny with the Dandelion seedheads as he couldn't work out what they were, everytime he grabbed them they disintigrated in his hands and floated away!
This evening we have been playing for about the past hour, he has been off his food so didn't really eat much in the wayof supper, but playtime has been fun. He has been trying to get the hang of his shape sorter with some success, knocking down bricks, giggling, walking towards me (6 steps so far before collapse into my arms), and walking round with his baby walker which he now really enjoys! Tim and I have had some debate about what constitutes a first word...Alex has already said 'Daddy', 'Mummy' and 'biscuit', and Mummy and Daddy have been repeated on occasion, but yesterday he said 'Teddy' when he had dropped his teddy and then when we gave it back to him. In fact throughout yesterday evening he would put teddy down, then go and do something else, then say 'Teddy' and go and fetch it. A first consistent word I feel.
I haven't done much crafting in my time yesterday or today as I have been getting together a massive snapfish order for scrapbooking photos. However, I did manage to make this card which I am pleased with, again using the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady papers. More soon,


LazyKay said...

I think you've got a budding scientist there Caro - inherited Mum's brains I reckon - I LOVE the expression on his face as he looks at the seed head on that plant.

Beautiful card.


Momiji said...

gorgeous photos of Alex there..these are such special times