Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Having a busy time

Why is it that some weeks go smoothly and others are just a nightmare? These past few days have been a complete mixture. Work has been busy and quite difficult in places as I am currently trying to sort out data for a paper that I am trying to write for publication, sort out a mix-up with some histology slides that have been incorrectly labelled for another paper, resolve an issue with my former boss over a grant application, finish off editing posters for the School of Medicine Research day on Tuesday, get to grips with the impossible forms from HR and finance, and to try and undertake some actual experimental research! Talk about asking the impossible...I don’t think I have fully completed anything yet, but hope to get them all sorted out by the end of the week –famous last words! I have to say that all the work hassles are worthwhile when I get greeted with a beaming smile from Alex upon getting back into the car. In the meantime at home Alex is still not eating properly and spitting out anything that has the remotest hint of a lump (unless it is toast or cheerios that he has put in his mouth himself), which is proving very stressful all round. Things are improving slowly in that he is at least eating a range of foods again and not just fruit puree, but he still isn’t back where he was a few weeks ago either in terms of quantity or variety. Before this latest batch of not eating I had been stressing that he wasn’t progressing with his feeding, but have since been reassured by a friend that her son refused to eat anything with lumps in until he was 2 and it didn’t hurt him in anyway, so maybe I don’t need to worry too much. At this stage I am just glad he is eating again. In other ways Alex is developing very well...he is still tottering about (we are up to about 12 steps as the record), although as he is so fast at crawling he may not be as quick to improve his walking as some children are. He has developed a fascination with lights and looks up at the ceiling lamps and points at them and copies us when we say ‘light’. He also likes it when we switch the light off and on while telling him the appropriate word. This is definitely the latest craze as far as he is concerned. In terms of crafting I have been feeling very short on mojo recently and although I have managed to make my father’s day cards, each Dad is getting the same and I don’t feel that they are among my best work (although I am pleased with the little origami shirts!). I have completed this scrapbook layout of Tim and Alex playing in Alex’s baby gym when Alex was only 9 days old. I just love this photo and entitled the page ‘Daddy playtime’. The layout follows last weeks sketch from Pencil Lines and I decided that the photo said enough without me needing to add any journaling. I would love to know what you think. More soon,


Momiji said...

lovely fun L O..Alex is so photogenic!

Jenny said...

Fascination with lights must run in the Staton genes! Wait until he gives you a running commentary of every lamppost in sight!

LazyKay said...

Caro! I have no idea how you find any mojo with all the work stuff going on.

Lovely photos.

Re eating, maybe his taste buds are still off after his infection as sometimes this happens with ear/nose/throat things.


Bubbles said...

Haven't been by for a while, wow I love seeing all of your photo's and Alex is growing so fast, don't worry they all go through the eating thing, I still struggle with Hollie and she's 3 1/2!
Hope work gets easier for you soon. Your fathers day cards are lovely to.