Friday, 6 June 2008

Making hay while the sun shines!

I have finally managed to find time to mow our meadow and to attempt to turn it back into a lawn! Would you believe that until this week everytime I had the opportunity (Alex asleep and nothing else pressing to do) it was raining. However, we now have a pile of hay (don't laugh) courtesy of a good strim, followed by a rake followed by a mow (with a very dodgy lawnmower) and a lawn that looks something approaching how it should (although it needs another rake). It has been hard work, but worth it as Alex now feels confident enough to explore over most of it and is very happy out there. We just need to get that fence installed as the garden is up a 6 foot drop.
What was a hard week at work has got even harder now as I have received 5 sets of referees comments for my big Cancer Research UK grant. I get the chance to respond to the comments but have to do it within 3 pages of A4 and by next Friday. As the reviewers comments take 8 pages this is proving very difficult but no doubt I will get there with some perseverance. I just hope that I get the grant after all this as it would be fantastic for my career. Any prayers for this would be gratefully received.
In my crafting time I have made another layout, this one using various pictures taken of Alex in our local park entitled 'Fun Adventure'. The journalling round the edge reads 'Despite not yet being able to walk, Alex still loves all aspects of our trip to the local park, especially the swings, slide, tunel and climbing frame April-June 2008'. The layout is based on a Pencil Lines sketch and the titles and circles came from the Hot of the Press my boy kit. As always comments are welcome.
I have also been inspired to make some more ATCs this week, this time using some new stamps I got. The theme of these ATCs is vintage travel and I am quite pleased with how they have come out. Must dash now, More soon,


LazyKay said...

Love the vintage look of those pieces and your layout's gorgeous again - you're really good at this now.


LazyKay said...

Forgot to say - you have my prayers aplenty!