Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sadly not such a great ending

I am writing this on Saturday and am somewhat fed-up as Tim and I received some bad news which has kiboshed our plans for the weekend and the foreseeable future. I don't really want to go into detail, but the bottom line is that Tim's incapacity benefit has been stopped which puts us in a tight financial situation. We were planning lots of nice things for this weekend as it is our Wedding anniversary on Monday, but sadly we may have to scale things down. This also means our plans for putting fencing in the garden to make it safe for Alex will also have to be put on hold. Naturally we will appeal this decision as it is totally unjust but the appeal process can take 6 months, so it may be next year before the garden is sorted.
Alex has been a bit more grumpy than usual these past couple of days, partly because he is tired and not sleeping very well, and partly because he is picking up on our stress which is a shame. I have made a real effort to ensure that he is getting lots of love and attention and we have been having fun together in the evenings. He still loves walking around carrying large objects and I think that Kath's suggestion that it helps him balance is probably correct although you may doubt the wisdom of it when you see him carrying a pillow that is bigger than he is!
The only crafting I have done over the past few days is to make some presents for Tim for our anniversary. He is getting two computer games, but they are ones that are downloaded over the internet so in order to give him something to open on the day I have made him this set of cards to stick to his monitor. They are 2inch square and are of images of the different races from one of his computer games.
The second present is an exploding box, again on a small scale. The outer box is one and a half inches square! I have never made an exploding box before and am quite pleased with it. Again the images are screenshots taken from this computer game. Must dash.
More soon,


Momiji said...

love the little exploding box..its a lovely gift and well thought out..

LazyKay said...

Hope you are getting some expert advice re your appeal (?CAB if no-one you know has the info).

What a great idea for the monitor stickers and WOW what a lovely exploding box!


LazyKay said...

Oh, just thought, re the fencing. have you tried your local FREECYCLE? It might be worth signing up, you'll be surprised at the things that become available if you keep your eye on it.


Selima said...

Interesting to know.