Sunday, 15 June 2008

Weekend fun

Well this weekend was certainly better than the week. We had my in laws round on Saturday which was lovely. We had a yummy meal (cottage pie and rhubarb crumble) and Alex behaved himself beautifully despite not having his usual lunchtime nap. In the end he fell asleep in Grandpa Pete’s arms. Very sweetly Pete and Kath actually came round to see if they could help with some of the jobs around the house and garden and left with much more of an idea about what the various jobs would entail (plumbing, fencing etc). We will have to wait and see whether they feel that they will be able to help with them as I think all the jobs were bigger than they were anticipating.Apart from behaving well for his grandparents Alex hasn’t been having the best of weekends... needing constant attention and inclined to yell and scream at the slightest thing. He hasn’t been sleeping well so is probably overtired, although we don’t know why he isn’t sleeping well. We only pray that he gets better and gets back to his normal happy self. The times he is happiest are sat on my lap playing with my things (pens, pencils, rubber, ruler etc) which somewhat hampers my ability to craft or compute as he tends to hit the computer keys. We did get to the park in between the rain showers today and although we were slightly damp Alex did enjoy the swing and slides, although best of all was pushing his pushchair around. He even ventured some walking unaided there today. He can now walk the length of our kitchen plus extension some 40 steps which pleases him no end. Tim has also taught him a new trick, of making a noise and rubbing his hand across his lips to make the noise wobble. This he finds most amusing and it makes him giggle, especially when we do it too.
Despite having a clingy boy I have managed to make a couple of scrapbook layouts this weekend. This first double page spread uses as many photos as I could of our various trips to West Wittering Beach. It is ages since I have made a page which used so many photos of different sizes so it was quite a fun challenge. I kept it simple with stamping the title and subtitle, putting a journaling box on the page and only decorating with peel offs and shells picked up on the beach. The journaling reads ‘ Alex loved every aspect of the beach; playing in the soft sand, crawling on the hard sand, splashing in the tide pools, crawling in the sea, growling at the waves and of course trying to eat everything! In fact he loved it so much we went back every day of our holiday as shown by these photos.’ I would love to know what you think. This next page is of Alex and Tim rough-housing happily together on our sopha at home. The page is entitled ‘Rough and Tumble’ and the journaling reads ‘ Alex and Tim have so much fun during their games of rough and tumble. Alex’s giggles and happy squeals of laughter are wonderful to hear’. Sadly the handwritten journaling went a little wrong, but apart from that I think that this page is quite fun. Finally I have made two sets of inchies. They are very quick to make if you keep them simple and about the only thing I can manage to do with a small boy sat on my lap. These two are both Disney, one is the ‘Princess’ set, and the other ‘Cars’. I like the contrast of the truly pink and girly with the cars. Have a good week everyone, More soon,

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LazyKay said...

Hope Alex settles soon - ?more teeth on the way do you think.

Beautiful pictures on these layouts - you're making a real treasure of documenting his growth and development and believe me, it will seem like the twinkling of an eye before you're looking back at these and saying 'remember when'.