Friday, 13 June 2008

What a week!

This week has been one of the toughest at work for quite a while. It is hard to explain but the bottom line is that someone decided to have real go at me on Tuesday morning about my commitment to work. It is rare that I have been spoken to like that and for the first time in ages (since doing my PhD) I was left feeling that I wanted to quit my job. I know that it was mostly because the person concerned was stressed but that is no excuse for speaking to me like that. Fortunately since then this person was away and only came back in today. I have been too busy trying to sort out my extra data for my Cancer Research UK grant and responses to the referees comments to even think about talking to them about it. I will just wait and see what happens next week. From past experience I wont get an apology so there is no point in asking for one.
On a positive note the evenings with Alex have been lovely, although sadly I had to work late a few evenings this week so haven’t spent as much time with him as I would have liked. He can now walk really quite well (up to about 20 paces round the room before going plop onto his bottom), although he still insists on trying to carry massive objects such as his toy bus when doing so! We have had the usual fun of building towers of bricks and knocking them down, chasing a football round the garden, and asking what everything is by pointing to things and saying ‘Dat’. One of his favourite games at the moment is for me to hold him in my arms and open and shut the door really fast so that it generates wind which blows in his face...this makes him giggle like anything.
Crafting wise I haven’t done so much this week as I have been so busy. I made this Fathers day card using some of Alex’s drawing for Tim. As you may have gathered, Tim is really into his computers so this image which I drew for my PhD these about 7 years ago seemed appropriate when highlighted with Alex’s drawing.
My poor aunt is really ill with Shingles at the moment and it has got in behind her eye apparently. Well I decided that I would make her a necklace to try and cheer her up. It is ages since I have done beading and I really enjoyed getting into it again. She often wears blue so I hope she will like this.
Apart from that I have made just a few inchies as they are so quick and fun to do. These ones were made using some background paper I made for some ATCs a while ago using the resist technique, I then added Oriental peel offs and coloured them using glitter gel pens. I hope you all have a nice weekend,

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LazyKay said...

Lovely pictures Caro and what a great card for Tim from Alex!

Hope your aunt's shingles doesn't damage here eyesight as can happen and that she's been given antivirals in time to attack it.

Take care.