Friday, 26 September 2008

I am glad it is the weekend

Alex is definitely back to his usual tricks...he is exhausted in the evenings and sleeps well from 7 until about midnight, then he wakes up and has a party in his cot with his toys before drifting off to sleep again and then alternates between awake and asleep until about 5.30 at which point he is awake for the day. It doesn't make for the best nights sleep for us and he is really grumpy as a result of being tired. However, he slept well during his nap time today and so we had a lovely evening after work, playing out in the garden before bed. It was just the tonic I needed after a busy and difficult day at work. I am completely exhausted at the moment so I am glad that it is the weekend and I get a chance to re-coup before Monday.
I haven't managed to do as much crafting over the past few days, but did make this ATCs using free papers from one of the magazines, ribbon, stickers from my local postoffice and images from Crafty Individuals. As I am running out of paper on my Hot Off the Press Paper Pizazz Vintage set, Tim bought me the equivalent Heritage set. This should match quite nicely with what I have already got and I can't wait to play this weekend..more of Gran's photos and memories will be scrapped I think! Have a great weekend everyone.

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LazyKay said...

Love those butteflies!