Friday, 19 September 2008

On the mend?

I hope Alex is on the mend...his temperature hasn't been up today and he is acting much brighter. However, the ulcers are still there and despite my best efforts I can't really get Bonjella onto them to ease the pain so eating is still a nightmare. I have been off work today with a migraine so his yells and screams of pain haven't helped my head any. I retreated to bed, and then collapsed on the sofa while Alex played at my feet. I felt a little better this afternoon so dragged myself off the sofa to take Alex for a run around the park as he really needed to burn off some energy and Tim needed to sleep. My head didn't like the experience, but Alex had a great time making friends with another little boy also called Alex.
I have done a little crafting over the past few days in the form of these trading cards made using photographs of cells stained with fluorescent markers for the cytoskeleton and the nucleus. I mounted the pictures on colour card added gold edging and hilighted the cell structures with sakura stardust pen marks. The effect is quite fun but doesn't really show up in the photographs sadly...they are much more sparkly in real life.
In a rather rash moment I agreed to join an altered postcard swap. This is not something I have ever done before and I have to say I haven't found it easy. I have loads of old postcards from both myself and my mother that I intend to use, most of which are rather 'arty' in nature. The first two I made are postcards of paintings by the same artist - Jack Vettriano, and are both beach scenes. To the dancing couple I added the gramaphone, dog, bi-plane and ship and then numerous stickers of music notes, butterfly, hearts and 'love'.
This second one I added the spots to the ladies dress, the three different gulls, the parrott on the umbrella, the dog, the starfish, shell, octopuss and dolphin as well as the edging, which was done in tipex. I hope that these are both altered enough.
I have made the backs of both of them the same by brayering the background and then stamping the greek lady and the purple onion corner stamp. I hope that by the end of the weekend we will all be back to normal but we will just have to see. In the meantime, have a great weekend everyone.

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LazyKay said...

Pleased Alex is starting to pick up a bit.

Lovely artwork - like the cells!