Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Busy times continue

Work continues to be a bit crazy at the moment. I have managed to submit one of my manuscripts to the Journal of Pathology for consideration so at least that is one thing off my desk. I just have to wait for the peer review process before I find out whether or not it is accepted for publication. I have also completed 6 lecture outlines for the lectures I may be giving to the first year medical students next Spring so I just have to wait for the professor to get back to me about them as well. I have been chosen to give a talk at the Sheffield Oncology Research day on Friday and so have spent today preparing the talk. One of my students will be presenting a poster on his research which needs to be printed tomorrow morning...however, he was supposed to show it to me for editing this morning and I still haven’t seen it so I am more than a little annoyed with him about it. Our big excitement at home this week was the arrival of our long awaited fence...we have only been talking about getting one put in ever since I got pregnant over 2 years ago! It looks fantastic and means that the garden is so much safer for Alex (he can no longer get access to a 5 foot drop) and means that I can turn my back on him to weed while we are outside. Not that the weather has been good enough until today. Alex is getting on so much better with feeding himself with a spoon now which is wonderful...he is still inclined to wave the spoon around a bit or turn his bowl upside down which is very messy, but things are improving! He quite happily goes off to nursery in the mornings these days which is lovely and he is apparently eating everything he is given...I just wish he would do that at home! I have continued with my project of scrapbooking my Gran’s family photos with two more layouts, again both using the Hot off the Press Paper Pizazz vintage set. This first one is of three photos from a holiday to Swansea in 1928. Gran’s parents went on holiday every year to somewhere local, usually Swansea or the Isle of White. In these photos Gran is 3½ so she doesn’t remember the details of that particular holiday unsurprisingly! The journaling reads ‘Memories of The Holes Family Annual holiday: Alexander, Les and Joyce. 1928’. This second layout is of my Gran’s Grandad, and the photo was taken sometime between 1892 and 1900. The layout is entitled ‘PC Merritt’ and the journaling reads ‘Solomon Merritt (1869-1919) joined the Lancashire Police in 1892 and worked as a police constable in Great Crosby near Liverpool. Sadly he was injured when trying to stop a drunken brawl in 1900 and had to leave the Police force, spending the rest of his life in a bath chair, which he called his chariot. Despite his injury he never lost his sense of humour and remained a staunch member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Bitterne near Southampton’. Gran thinks she may still have some of the buttons off his dress uniform so I may be able to replace the current button in this layout with one of those which would be nice. I would love to know what you think of this project. I hope you are all having a nice week. More soon,

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Hyperheavenly said...

I love the old photo's. I must be really interesting to make a scrapbook like this.