Wednesday, 17 September 2008

What a miserable boy.

Poor Alex is feeling very sorry for himself as on top of his cold he has had a fever for the past few days coupled with a rash over his bottom, legs and shoulders and he has three really nasty mouth ulcers. These mean that the poor little chap can’t eat and cries every time he tries. He is surviving on pureed rice pudding, baby rice, vanilla custard and petit filous. Even fruit puree stings too much for him to eat, and for two days we struggled to get any fluid into him. It makes me want to cry too to see him so miserable and upset. We have had very little sleep because he isn’t sleeping very well because he is in too much pain. However, this morning he did appear a bit brighter and gulped down large quantities of water which was a huge relief. We took him to the GP who said it wasn’t anything like chicken pox or measles, just a viral infection with spots and the ulcers are because he is run down, so he is having a vitamin supplement to try and boost his immune system. Understandably, although we have been outside in the evenings he has been more subdued and wanting to be carried or closely accompanied whatever he does meaning that I haven’t done any gardening. Hopefully he will recover soon and things will get back to normal. I have managed to do a little crafting in the evenings after he has gone to bed and made this card using the resist technique with colourwash inks and purple onion stamps, finished off with stickers and an image from Crafty Individuals. I have also continued with my vintage scrapbook with a page about Lizzie who was married to PC Merritt (shown in a previous post). She was my Gran’s Gran and I have lots of information about her, including Gran’s memories of her as a Gran (if that makes sense!). Again I have used the Hot off the Press papers and embellishments and a purple Onion stamp. The journaling reads ‘Elizabeth Anne Merrit (nee Passingham) (1868-1941) was born in Durley and married Solomon Merritt on 1st July 1893. On leaving school she went into service and was highly thought of judging by the inscriptions on two books she was given. She was a staunch member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church and helped in the soup kitchen in the chapel in Bitterned. Although she was a fervent teetotaller she would have a bottle of Stones Ginger wine at Christmas!' I am looking forward to completing this scrapbook and showing Gran when I next see her, I hope she likes it. More soon,

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LazyKay said...

Sorry Alex is having a rough time. My daughter used to get dreadful sore mouth, ulcers and things so I know just how painful it is for him - have your tried some Bonjella on his mouth just to ease it while he eats (if he'll let you put it on?)

LOVE that scrapbook page - well love the whole story - I'd love to see it in real life when it's all done, you are so lucky to have the history to hand and I'm sure your Gran will be thrilled when she sees it.

Lovely crafting, the resist looks lovely.

Just thought of you when I saw this blog as you're into inchies - worth a wee visit if you have a minute.