Sunday, 14 September 2008

busy weekend crafting

Poor Alex has yet another cold and hasn't been sleeping as a result, so the poor little thing is soo tired and inclined to be unhappy. Despite that I have had a really good weekend. Yesterday we did the shopping as a family, and then I did the cooking in the morning and then in the afternoon we went to the park where we were joined by one of my best friends Julia and her son Robin. The two boys had a fantastic time chasing each other round the park, although Robin was always miles ahead of Alex (not surprising since he will be 3 soon!). Alex was exhausted by the end of it, but as you can see from the photos he had a wonderful time. The boys interacting...Alex was fascinated by Robin and kept gently patting him! Robin enjoying the tunnelJulia coming down the tunnel slide!
Today I cleaned the house from top to bottom and then went out in the garden with Alex where I was able to do some weeding while he played on the we have the fence up it is much safer to turn my back on him...I don't need to worry about a 6ft drop! This afternoon we went to the park and Alex was so tired that he took teddy round the park with him.
I have had a wonderful weekend crafting wise too...I was inspired by Kath (LazyKay) to try decorating a candle. I used a mixture of stamped images onto tissue paper (the words!) and pressed flowers to decorate my candle. The key is to hold everything tight to the candle with something like baking paper while heating it up with a heat gun. You only need to heat it for a short time for the tissue paper, but the flowers need longer and the results aren't quite as neat. All in all I feel that this wasn't bad for a first attempt. I think that Kath's inspiration has solved my Christmas present problem..what could I make this year that was different...candles may well be the way to go.
I have joined a vintage swap on swapbot and had to make 4 ATCs for it. I decided to use photograph of my Great Great Grandparents for the basis of this. The cards are actually of two couples (the top two were married as were the bottom two) and so I will send a couple to each person. I hope that they like them.
I have also continued with this theme to make scrapbook layouts of each of them with this layout of Alexander Holes again using the Hot off the Press papers, but supplimente with a Dovecraft paper, a Purple Onion stamp and some buttons from my Gran's button tin. The journalling reads 'Alexander Holes (1869-1940) apprenticed as a stoker on steam shops and worked as an engineer on private yachts. He was an engineer on the Yacht Rossmarine when Alfred Lord Tennyson was aboard. He was also part of a treasure hunting party to the Cocus islands but didn't find any treasure!'.
This second layout is of his wife Jane again using the Hot off the Press papers. The journalling reads 'Jane Holes (nee Vaudin) (1867-1932) was born at Samares on the Island of Jersey. She was a dressmaker who married Alexander Holes in 189?. Her wish was that her grandchildren call her Grandmere, but she had to put up with Grandma and was remembered for her love of playing Halma'.
It is Tim's Uncles' 70th birthday next weekend and as he is a complete bookworm I made this card especially for him. I would love to know what you think of all the crafting I have done this weekend. Have a great week everyone. More from me soon.

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LazyKay said...

Children love to play with someone of a slightly different age and I can see Alex was fascinated.

Your candle is lovely - perhaps if you soften the candle a wee bit before each flower then again once the flower is one the candle, it would work more quickly and leave the wax less disturbed (not that it looks bad to me anyway). While the wax is soft, after applying your bits, you can roll it on a flat surface and it evens out any soft bits that have bumped up.

I love your ATCs that bookworm card is excellent (my sort of card) and WOW those scrapbook/heritage pages - I think they are so special and precious for future generations.

You really have crammed a lot into this week-end.