Sunday, 14 June 2009

Friday's update!

I don't know what happened but I updated my blog on Friday and can't see the post! For some reason it seems that blogger has lost it...most frustrating. Here it is....
What a week! I can’t believe it is Friday and I haven’t managed to update my blog until now. Sorry folks, it has just been too busy for me to craft hence nothing to show until now. I was filmed today in the lab for Calendar News who are doing an article on Race for Life …it will either be on tonight or tomorrow! Alex has been a little star this week having received three ‘Well done’ stickers from nursery for having been such a kind and helpful boy. At home he has been hilarious playing all sorts of games of make believe from feeding his teddy, to talking on the phone, to opening and shutting doors accompanied by ‘Morning’ ‘Hello’ or ‘Hiya’ when he walks in and ‘See ya’ ‘later’ or ‘back soon’ when he goes out. He now asks for cuddles and kisses which is cute. The thing that makes him laugh the most is bath-time and splashing and soaking me…he even says the things that I say ‘I’m soaked’ or ‘You got me’ followed by an evil giggle…it is so funny and cracks me up. Crafting wise I only have one thing to show you and that is the card I made for my Dad for Father’s Day. He is an avid bridge player, hence the pack of cards on the front, which I painstakingly stuck together one evening (it took ages!). The little cards were from a joke shop and at 25p I thought they were great value for a topper! That is all for now, but wish me luck for the Race for Life on Sunday…if we manage to keep Alex happy in his pushchair while I do the 5k walk/run it will be some kind of miracle! Have a great weekend.

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