Sunday, 14 June 2009

Race for Life!

Whew! I am HOT!!! It has been a very warm weekend, with bright sunshine and very little breeze. Yesterday was a typical Saturday with shopping in the morning and a trip to the park with Alex in the afternoon. Alex was very tired and so not in the best of moods which didn't reassure me for today! Apart from our trip to the park we made Tim's Father's day card and played a lot with water and bubbles and his mood improved as the day went on.
This morning was the Race for Life here in Sheffield. A group of 12 of us from the Medical School in Sheffield were running, and as a lot of our research is sponsored by CRUK we were dressed in pink lab coats...
and dragged up on stage while Gill, one of the professors gave an inspirational speech to the crowd. I avoided the stage as I had Alex in his pushchair.
As Alex was in a pushchair and I wasn't going to be running fast with people we weren't allowed to be at the front with the rest of the lab group, but a couple of people came and joined us which was nice. Alex coped remarkably well with being in a push chair for so long...he was an absolute star. I plied him with drinks and biscuits all the way round, and that combined with watching all the people kept him fairly happy.
Over 6,000 people ran and walked this morning with another 6,000 due to run this afternoon so Sheffield has done really well.
We finished the 5km walk in a respectable 45 minutes, having run some of the way receiving a medal for taking part at the end and both Alex and I were given a much needed bottle of water. Alex loved being allowed to drink from a bottle and has hung onto the bottle for the rest of the day! Crafting wise I don't really have anything to show you as at the moment I am working on Tim's wedding anniversary card which will be a neverending card and is taking a long time to this space and I will show it to you when it is ready! Have a great week everyone!


Momiji said...

fantastic photos of the race..well done! nice ones for your album...

Anonymous said...

Well done Caro and Alex you should be so proud....hope you have had a well deserved rest.

Anonymous said...

oops forgot to say message from Lillypad on cmpc forum