Friday, 19 June 2009


I am officially on holiday as I am taking just over a week off work to relax and do some things at home. I am exhausted and in need of a break so can’t wait. Hopefully I will have some more time for crafting as well. Over the past two days Alex and I have been making his Father’s day card for Tim, very messy as he used a mixture of painting, stamping and stickers, but great fun…the paint is on the inside of the card. We have also done a lot of dancing which Alex is into at the moment, playing games of rough and tumble and playing with his garage – watching cars go down the ramps and then into tunnels made with the rug, all to the sound of laughter and excitement. Great fun! For Father’s Day Tim wanted some downloadable content for some of his computer games, but this meant that he wouldn’t have anything to open on the day so I have got him a little photobook full of photos of him and Alex playing games together over the past year. As Tim loves white chocolate I also bought him three milky bars and made these wrappers using images of his games taken from the net. I hope he likes them! I have now made some tags for his wedding anniversary present. These are really simple made with the labels one nestability and will go with the blue and white wrapping paper I have used. That’s all for now and I hope you all have a great weekend.


Dark Fairy said...

I love Alex's card I bet his Dad will keep it forever.

love n light


Momiji said...

I like the choc wrap idea..have a nice break this week..