Monday, 29 June 2009

Weekend in Somerset!

What a lovely weekend we have had at my parents house. Alex and I left at 9am on Friday morning and arrived in Somerset at 1.30, so not bad going really. Alex coped remarkably well with the journey chatting about lorries, diggers, cars, horses, cows, sheep etc most of the way down, and slept for about an hour. We called into see a close friend of mine, Hilary, who lives about 20 minutes from my parents, and Alex had a lovely time playing with her two spaniels. It was so special to see her, as I haven’t seen her for far too long. Dad met us there and then we drove on home. Mother joined us a bit later and we went for a walk down to the farm to stroke the pigs which are very tame. Then Andy, Nel and Daniel arrived much later than they had hoped and we fed the boys who were both tired and over excited. Mother read to both boys to try and calm them down before they went to bed, although it didn't work as neither of them got to sleep very quickly. On Saturday we had a lovely time. Various people had to go into town so Dad and I looked after the boys who had a fantastic time exploring Grandma’s enormous garden.
Walking across the lawn (anyone for tennis!)
Wandering through the secret parts of the garden shutting the gateshiding under the trees
Playing with the little hedges
Dad even read a story to them, a most unusual sight!
Alex loved playing with Daniels scooter
While Daniel was happy on his bike.
Both boys thought that Juno, the enormous black Labrador-flat coat retriever cross was wonderful. The weather was so gorgeous that we spent most of the weekend outside lying on the grass
Eating outside and generally having a gentle restful and relaxing time. On Sunday morning we went out for a walk to the farm to stroke the pigs again,
Playing pooh sticks in the mill stream
Walking across the fields to the train tracks where we were lucky enough to see 5 trains.
The boys alternated between being carried
Which was exhausting
and required assistance and walking themselves. After a very early lunch we left to go to Frenchay Hospital and see Gran. Unfortunately Alex wasn’t allowed into the ward to see her so Mother looked after him while I got to spend about 30 minutes with Gran which was lovely. She is having a tough time still and is having another operation today to try and clean out the centre of her wound. Bless her, she is desperate to move hospitals as she is so cut off from everyone where she is and she is feeling so lonely. Please pray for her as she is struggling to keep positive. We got back home late last night and I am having today to try and catch up with things like washing, cleaning etc before I go back to work tomorrow. Have a great week everyone.


Momiji said...

love your photographic diary of your weekend. some fantastic photos of your weekend there..nice for scrapbooking.

Abby said...

Such lovely pictures and so special to have the two boys together!