Monday, 10 December 2007


I must apologise for not updating for a while...things have got a little out of hand in the past week with me still not being well and trying to keep up with work and home life. I will try and give a little synopsis of what I have done over the past 5 days...
Wednesday saw me going back to work still feeling a little rough. It was hard going but successful as I managed to do review a manuscript for a journal called Angiogenesis. In the evening I had a lovely play time with Alex and then after he went to bed I had a beading session in which I made this necklace, a commission from my mother for one of her friends. She wanted a slightly chunkier necklace than the one I made her...lets hope the lady in question likes it.
Work on Thursday saw me shortlisting potential PhD students ready for interview and beginning to gather some data on experiments that have previously been run using a potential anti-cancer drug that I discovered some years ago. The aim is to put together a grant to do some more research on this drug. By the evening I was shattered so although I had a great time with Alex, I was too tired to do much else so collapsed in a heap and caught up with the chat on the forum. I did recieve some lovely crafty post in the form of these trading cards...M is for Movies by Joanne, N is for Noddy by Christine, and O is for Octopus by Dawn...these are all great additions to my expanding Alphabet.
Friday saw me meeting up with a professor from London who supervised me on a summer placement just before I came to Sheffield 10 years ago. It was great to catch up with his news and he gave me some really useful advice on my potential grants as well. In the evening Alex and I were very silly and he giggled away like mad while we played. However, I was too tired to do anything else and collapsed in front of a movie with a Chinese takeaway. Very Yummy! I also received some crafty post in the form of these lovely snowmen ATCs from Kerry, Kayleigh, Doublesided (I don't know her real name) and Angela...wonderful!
Saturday was the most miserable day in terms of the rained, it sleeted, it snowed, it hailed and was incredibly windy and we had to go shopping in it! Poor Alex didn't think much of it screwing his face up against the wind, but he was very good...not a yell or cry in sight. The rest of the day after shopping was spent playing with Alex and writing masses of Christmas cards...sadly no time for crafting. Alex's favourite toy of the moment is an empty Pringles tube as the photo above shows!!
Sunday saw me taking a step backwards with this cold... I felt horrible! However, I did manage to get all the Christmas cards finished while curled up in front of the TV which was good. Alex was very good, and every so often tried to go forwards while crawling, but couldn't work out how to move his hands and kept toppling onto his nose and then crying lots. You shouldn't laugh because it did hurt him quite a lot, but it was an amusing sight. I also managed to find some energy and time on Sunday to make one of the 'special' Christmas cards using a rather cute photo of Alex in his Santa hat.
Today I was too ill to go into work and so spent the day at home curled up on the sofa in front of daytime TV while Alex played on the floor and Tim went to brave the queues at the post office. It was a much better day in terms of TLC and I felt well enough to do a little crafting and finished the 'special' Christmas cards. It was a really pleasant change to make some original Christmas cards after making 80 of one design. Alex was on great form today and a joy to be around...we had giggles and fun as well as some serious mess with a felt pen (all over the desk, his clothes and my hands). I think it will be back to work for me tomorrow as I am feeling a little better this evening, although I have no voice and have developed a really annoying cough. More soon I hope,

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Momiji said...

thanks for sharing the photos..I love the necklace you have made..something I haven't had a go with...hope you are feeling better soon...