Wednesday, 19 December 2007

forward movement

As the title suggests Alex is now crawling forwards...not fast and it is more like swimming than crawling, but he can actually go forwards now. He is so pleased with himself it is lovely!
At work we have a Christmas competition each year, and this year it was festive biscuits or cookies. I decided to make white chocolate chip cookies and cut them into a bell shape and decorate them as above. I was quite pleased with them and they tasted yummy.
There were a number of entries as you can see, and I have to say that the person who judged it hadn't realised that cookies were allowed as well as he was judging for biscuits...i.e. properly hard biscuits. This caused a few ructions, but the ones that won did taste very good and I could understand why he chose them. It was interesting as he was a chef for 20 years before deciding he could do without the stress and changing jobs to become a lab technician, so he gave us good feedback on our cooking. He liked mine a lot, they were just too soft to qualify as a biscuit apparently!
We had our works Christmas lunch today, and instead of the traditional turkey lunch we went to K-Pasa which is an Italian/Mexican food place. I must say the food was delicious and we had a great time with lots of fun chats and some nice presentations. It also meant that I got to come home early and spend some time with Alex which I enjoyed as always.
Crafting wise I haven't done much over the past two days...I finished off the bookmarks by laminating them and then adding fibres to the top. My crop-a-dile came into its own, cutting through the thicker layers like butter and setting the eyelets beautifully. I also finished off decorating the Christmas crackers as the picture shows. It was quite fun adding little embellishments and stickers to them to make them a little more individual. Tonight I hope to do some beading once Alex is safely in bed. Last day of work tomorrow, so more soon.

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Angelswings_2 said...

Caro, I dont know where you find the time to bake and work... plus keeping Alex Happy... you are a super mum!