Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas preparations

Well, Christmas is finally upon us. After a frantic couple of days wrapping presents, washing, cleaning and cooking we are ready for Christmas, just!! We went to our first Nativity service with Alex yesterday, at St Thomas Crookes, Sheffield and it was wonderful. It was an under fives nativity and he was a sheep with this very cute hat on. He was beautifully behaved in church either sitting on our laps or crawling on the floor, only being noisey when the carols were being sung as though he was trying to join in. He was absolutely fascinated by all the other children and everything that was going on, watching with wide eyes and big grins all round. It was so lovely to go back to church again after so long.
Today, Christmas Eve, felt really strange as for the first time since we got married we were not travelling away somewhere. It was nice to be at home, but it almost felt like any other day...which is not what I am used to. However, Alex and I went to the Carols Round the Crib service, which was wonderful. Alex was giggling away at all the other children running around and grinning every time we started singing, and again kept trying to join in. It was a shame that Tim didn't join us this time, but the service did help to make the day feel more like Christmas. This evening we are going to have a take-away and watch a movie before going over to Fay and Rich's for Christmas Day tomorrow.

Happy Christmas everyone!
Love and God Bless,

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