Sunday, 2 December 2007

What a weekend

Not one to be repeated if at all possible. Not because Alex was difficult or because I didn't manage to get a lot done, because I did, but simply because Tim's computer has broken down and will have to be sent back to the manufacturers which meant that he has been in a brown cloud all weekend. We had a great family shopping trip on Saturday to Broomhill and managed to buy a number of Christmas presents, and because the weather has been so revolting the house looks like a Chinese laundry with all the washing we have done. It has been a very productive weekend as I have cleaned, tidied, hoovered, contacted people, changed the sheets, made 8 Christmas cards (current total 68), and washed up. However, it would have been a lot nicer if Tim had been in a better mood.
Alex on the other hand has been a complete star and sat quite happily while I stuck a santa hat on his head to take these photos. I hope to use at least one of the photos for a Christmas card for both sets of Grandparents. Alex looks so funny when he wakes up as his hair is often standing on end and it is now getting quite long. Tim keeps threatening to cut it, but there is still comparatively little of it that I am really reluctant to do so.
Apart from making some more Christmas cards, I only managed to re-do the back of the bookmark...I am really pleased with that, so pleased in fact that I am not as happy with the front anymore and may end up re-doing that.
The lid of the advent calendar box!
Inside the Advent Calendar showing lots of little boxes
One of the open boxes containing a chocolate!
As it is December it is time for an advent calendar. I made this one several years ago for Tim out of the top of a shoe box and then filled it with my own home-made little boxes. Each year I then fill the advent calendar with little treats, mainly chocolate, but anything else I think of. This year it is going to include a few home-made items as well, such as the little love note above.

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Momiji said...

love your little Father Christmas and he will look great on the cards...and the idea with the boxes ...
hope you feel better soon...x