Friday, 14 December 2007

What a week!

It is Friday evening and I am shattered. I don’t think I have slept properly for the past four days as I have a really annoying cough and so work has become a huge struggle, especially today. I have yet another grant to write and I have spent most of the past few days gathering together all my previous data on this topic. The grant is going to be based on a potential new drug for cancer therapy that I discovered during my PhD and we have loads of information about it which I had to try and organise so that I could work out what else we need to do. It is hard going at the moment and I feel like I can’t see the wood for the trees. I think it will help when I get some more sleep and can think straight!
Alex is being so funny at the moment…he is refusing to sleep again and so gets very tired. When he is tired he can get very attached to certain toys or objects that he has been playing with so when I try and take them away so that I can feed or change him he bursts into tears! His sense of humour is definitely developing and Tim and I can keep laughing for hours on some days. He also can play or watch the world with such intensity and a seriousness that is really endearing. I try and read a story to him every evening, and although he gets bored if it goes on too long, he loves it when I do fun animal noises. He still can’t go forwards when crawling, but now goes up onto hands and feet rather than just hands and knees. Isn’t it amazing how babies develop?
I have had a new toy this week…Tim bought me a new digital camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3. My little Nikon is over 3 years old now and beginning to show its age so it is a real treat to have a new one to play with. However, it is going to take some getting used to as it is a lot more complicated than my previous one. All the shots on this page (with the obvious exception) were taken on it.
I have had some time for crafting in the evenings after Alex has gone to bed which has been lovely. I have managed to complete the final three bookmarks for my family for Christmas. The one with playing cards cut up on it with red background on one side and black on the other is for my Dad who plays Bridge. The elephants are for Nel, my sister-in-law who loves them and the remaining bookmark featuring wine bottles and glasses is for my brother Andy who likes the odd tipple! Now that I have completed all 6 of them I just need to laminate them, punch holes in the centre of the tops and add ribbons.
I leave you with another cute photo of Alex taken on my new camera. More soon I hope

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