Sunday, 16 December 2007

A Christmassy Atmosphere!

We put up our Christmas decorations this weekend to the sound of carols playing loudly on the stereo and Alex shouting in accompaniment. Since we got married and lived in a tiny little house we had an18 inch Christmas tree...this year we decided to buy a bigger fiberoptic tree and it is great...1.2m means that it is still small enough to sit on top of a speaker out of Alex's reach, but is so much nicer than our last one. We have also 'thrown' tinsel and fairy lights around the room to great effect. All together it looks very festive and was a lovely thing to do.
When we went shopping yesterday it was to the sound of carol singers from the local church which I just love, and they were really very good...singing in 4 part harmony and despite having no voice at the moment I was determined to try and join in.
At weekends it is my turn to take main responsibility for Alex and to give Tim a break and I just love it. Alex and I have so much fun playing together or me doing my thing while he plays on the floor at my feet. I just love making him laugh, although that isn't always easy...something that will make him laugh one day will only raise a smile on another day. A game that made him laugh today was him gently grabbing my mouth and nose and me wriggling my face in response...great fun but not so good when he is supposed to be breast feeding. Story time is good fun too...some days he will sit peacefully and listen whereas on other days he will try and grab the book and play with it! This photo is just to prove that he can sit up when he feels like it!
He hasn't been very well over the past couple of days, indeed yesterday was the most vomitous day we have had for ages. Fortunately that has improved today. I just wish he would learn to sleep...he was absolutely shattered today and therefore really grumpy in patches after not sleeping last night.
I am making progress on the list of things that I have to do before Christmas...I made the fudge today which was a complete success. The instructions from Mother were so clear that for the first time I got it right...previously I have burnt the mixture while cooking it. Much to Tim's dismay, this fudge is actually for two Christmas presents, I just need to package it up. I will make another batch for Tim! The only crafting I did this weekend was to make the Christmas crackers using a pack from The Works...they have turned out really well and I have filled them with much nicer treats than you usually get in a cracker. I just need to decorate them now...I have only done two so far!
Anyway, must go and get ready for work tomorrow. More soon, I hope.

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Lazykay said...

Not had time to visit blogs lately but just had a quick scan of yours. Love the book marks and great pictures throughout.