Sunday, 3 February 2008


'I love you Mummy, let me come and give you a sloppy kiss and cuddle'
'Look at that tooth'

We woke up on Saturday to brilliant sunshine and nearly 2 inches of snow. Tim and I messed around with snowballs while Alex watched us with bemusement. Tim gave Alex a snowball to hold and we watched with amusement while he held onto it for several minutes passing it from on hand to the other before finally dropping it. That, and general playtime with Alex were definitely the highlights of my weekend as I have had to work for a lot of the time on both Saturday and Sunday to try and get this grant under control. Alex is teething and therefore is somewhat fractious from time to time, and who can blame him. At the end of the weekend he had a new tooth on the bottom, and another one about to break through on the top. He is now learning to play and interact with us more and more and the 'peekaboo' game is current favourite. We put a muslin over his head and then pull it off saying 'peekaboo', his version is to lie on his front on the floor and then put his head down into the muslin followed by lifting his head and giving us an enormous grin at which point we are expected to say 'peekaboo'. Great fun!
As you can imagine there has been very little done in the way of crafting this weekend, but I did make a couple of quick but effective trading cards using K&Co backing paper, Simple Expressions and Hero Arts stamps and Angel kiss flowers. I am quite pleased with the effect and may make some more of these. more soon,

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Cazzy said...

You had a lot more snow than we did Caro, if I blinked I would have missed it and DH didn't believe me when I said it snowed!

How nice for Alex to see it, I wonder if he will remember it!