Friday, 1 February 2008

Therapeutic giggles

Alex drawing while sat on my desk
Alex giggling while I rattled one of his toys
Trying to crawl and giggle at the same time is hard Mummy'

Work is a nightmare at the moment, I think I am getting somewhere with the grant and then I suffer another major set back. There is so much to do before next Friday that I don't quite see how I am going to get it all done. Sadly I am going to be working this weekend and probably all the evenings next week (after Alex has gone to bed) to get it done on time. I can't wait until it is finished. Thank goodness for Alex and Tim, who keep me from going completely insane. Alex has been so much fun in our evening play times, laughing away like mad at the simplest things and making me laugh as well. He has such an infectious laugh when he gets going and it really lifts my spirits. On the more difficult side he has been a complete pain to feed over the last few days...for some reason he has refused breast milk a number of times and has only wanted to eat yoghurt and fruit puree. Not great really when he used to eat everything really well. I hope it is just a phase he is going through...teething or something.
I am still managing to keep up with my New Years resolution and have managed to do one scrapbook layout this week, entitled Bathtime. The photos are of Alex and his cousin Daniel taken just after Christmas and the little circles are to represent bubbles and splashes as bathtimes were so wet for all involved. The journalling reads 'Alex and Daniel enjoyed sharing baths, although Daniel was a little startled by the amount of splashing Alex did'. Either side of the title are the words 'splish' and 'splash' and the idea is taken from an early sketch on the PencilLines site. Any comments welcome as usual.


Momiji said...

love the 'bubbles' layout..great fun...I think I have some photos like that somewhere!...

lindschick said...

The bathtime layout is so great, cute photos and loving the phrase and letter stickers.

Good luck with work and the grant this week.

Cazzy said...

Caro sweetie, love the layouts - such fun.

Just to let you know you have been tagged - see my blog for details!

lindschick said...

You have been tagged,
see my blog for info.

LazyKay said...

Beautiful pic!