Sunday, 24 February 2008

Weekend fun

I can’t believe that the weekend is over already. Time just seems to fly by and I still don’t manage to get everything done that I intended to do. Alex, bless him, has got a cold and so has been completely random with mood swings, (mostly happy, but occasionally really grumpy and wanting lots of attention) and random eating habits (from not wanting anything at all to wanting double the usual amount). Most of the time he has been a real cutie as normal and we have had a lot of fun with him playing rough and tumble and cuddle games with me.
He tries to stand up at every opportunity now including in the bath (very precarious) and leaning on his garage (which frequently collapses). A recent addition to the game repertoire is ‘noises’ – he growls at me and then I imitate him and then he changes the noise. This is just hilarious as he comes up with some of the strangest noises imaginable including a sort of dirty laugh and a Darth Vader sound. We have been so busy recently at weekends that we haven’t been to church for a while, but yesterday Alex and I went and he happily went into the crèche after crawling all around the main part of the church. Considering that he has never been to nursery and spends almost all his time with either Tim or me, he was amazing and didn’t bat an eyelid about being left in crèche so I could enjoy the service. Wonderful.
I also had a great crafting time on Saturday in which I made several ATCs in order to catch up with some of the organised swaps that I have agreed to. These first four are for a ‘techniques swap’ which this month was rubber stamping, and had some quite strict rules so I have taken the organiser (Angela) at her word and just stamped. The backgrounds are brayered with Adirondack inks (meadow, butterscotch and cranberry) and then stamped with StazOn (black) or pretty coloured inks. The flower and dragonfly stamps are Crafty Individuals, the little leaves and dragonfly are HeroArts, and the oriental dragon and letters were from ebay. I am quite pleased with how these have turned out and must have another go at some point.
These next three were for an Easter themed swap organised by Margaret and used K&Co background papers and freebie stickers and toppers from various magazines from last year. Unfortunately the photograph seems to have bleached the colours.
Finally, the weekend wouldn’t be complete without a new scrapbook layout and this one is of the two cousins playing together at Christmas. Everything, except the die cut teddies came from the Hot off the press finished in a flash kit. The journaling reads ‘Alex and Daniel were so funny learning to play together as they kept taking each others toys. Daniel had the advantage though as sitting up meant he had both hands free whereas Alex, lying down, only had one. The top photo is one of the rare times they shared a toy.’

I am off to London this week to lecture so will update upon my return.


LazyKay said...

Safe journey to London Caro.

Love the page.

Great ATCs and I'm so pleased that someone else has 'just stamped'.

Hope you're recording Alex's sound effects for future. You can buy these little things that record a few seconds of sound and then put them in cards (or scrap book pages) so's they'll play the sound you recorded.


Mel said...

very nice things u did there...especially like the Easter ATcs as the colours are so nice

have a good trip to London and sa Hello to the Queen for