Friday, 15 February 2008

A special thank you!

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful ATCs I have received over the past couple of weeks. I have received so many and they are all so varied and beautiful that I felt they deserved a special posting all of their own. These first two are random swaps that I did with individuals. The lovely Oriental pyramid is from Rhea Bellamy, and the 'Male Author',a stunning black and white ATC is from Mhairi Forsyth.
These next two are again from individual swaps and I just love the way the Janet Matthews has used the batik effect in the journey ATC...I must learn how to do this. The second one is from Claire Saytch and I think that the opening window is really effective and a lovely idea.
I entered a Spring Flower swap on the forum and received these lovely ATCs in return...The elegant decoupaged flower fairy is from Kay Wilson and the sweet tulip is fromJoshua Wade (aged 6). I am delighted with them both.
These are two of the 'words of wisdom that I received' all 6 of which I love. The top one is from Linda Brunton and is so appropriate as I am a bit of a bookworm. The second, fun one is from Isobel Waite who I have never swapped with before. I like the style of both of these.
The rainbow is from Barbara Williams and is great fun with little drops of clear glue to make rain and the bright coloured stripes for the rainbow. The second one is a UTEE creation from Kay Wilson which is wonderfully tactile and a lovely sentiment.I love the wording on both these final two although they are both so different...the one on the left is fun and sophisticated and is from Gill Sweetman and the one on the right is just warm hearted and is another of Linda Brunton's creations. I love Whinney the Pooh so this is right up my street.
Finally these three ATCs are from the Alphabet swap and are all so different. P is for Poodle is from Janet Matthews and I love the French feel to this as well is it being very pink and girly. Q is for Quail is from Kayleigh Wade (aged 8) and is a simple yet effective ATC. I believe the final one R is for Radiator may be from Linda Brunton, but there is nothing on the back so I am uncertain. If anyone reading this can claim this ATC as one of their creations please let me know and I will write the details on the back.
I am thrilled with all of these lovely ATCs, so thank you very much to you all.


Anonymous said...

Blimey Caro! What a great selection there. It's such a shame we don't see more of one anothers swaps.

Thanks for showing these.


LazyKay said...

Oops - anonymous is me - sorry!