Friday, 22 February 2008

The weekend is here!

It's Friday and I must say that I am glad the week is over...not because work has been hard, but because I am exhausted. Alex really doesn't sleep in the mornings and I have been up at 5am the last three days. I don't function at my best after only 5 hours sleep a night. At work over the past couple of days I have finished my lecture on 'Angiogenesis' (blood vessel formation) and have started writing my lecture on 'Concepts of carcinogenesis' (cancer formation and growth). Alex has been great fun in the evenings and we have had very splashy baths, lots of crawling around chasing games, standing practice, bouncing, playing with cars, rings and balls and numerous giggles. Don't you just love this photo...he was playing in his playpen in our study when I called him and he saw the camera, stopped what he was doing, gave me a huge toothy grin and then carried on. Cute or what?!
I have actually done quite a bit of crafting in the past two evenings and made this layout entitled 'Present' using Bazzil Basic card, K&Co patterned paper, free ribbons and Papermania stickers. The journalling reads 'Although Alex loved the wrapping paper, he didn't really understand about unwrapping his presents and sat like this for several minutes. Mind you, his hat over his eyes didn't help much'. This is based on a Becky Fleck sketch from her Page Maps site...Kay introduced me to that site and I have to say I love it!
This second one is of a extremely tired and exhausted little boy. The cardstock is again Bazzil, the paper is from Papermania, the rub-on letters are from Making Memories, and everything else was bought in hobbycraft. The journalling reads 'Alex only sucks his thumb when he is extremely tired. This photo was taken just before bed whe he was 6 months old'.
Just for a change I have made two cards as well, both using Crafty Individuals background paper and images. This first one is for my sister-in-laws Birthday and has the addition of green ribbon, the gold peel off greeting and an Angel kiss flower with a red gem at the centre.
The second one is even simpler with just the green ribbon and the greeting peel off added to it. As always comments are welcome. More soon,


LazyKay said...

Hah! That toothy smile's gorgeous.

Great layouts, you really seem to be developing a style quite different to your starting pages now - perhaps you're gaining confidence.

Love those cards.


Sonya said...

I really like those cards!!