Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Another huge thank you

I have received loads of crafty post over the past week or so and wanted to share the beautiful creations that were sent to me. This first one is a fantastic card from Julie Hancock which was my 'send a smile' for March. I love the detail in this and think it is so pretty.
This new page for my butterfly fat book is from Angela Clerehugh and is stunning with its use of glitter and gems and I love the quote.
This second page is from Lindsey Prince and what makes this one so special is the poem attached on the back, which I think may have been written by her. I also love the 3D nature of her butterflies.
This gorgeous Egyptian ATC is from Christine Johnson and I just love the shear amount of detail in it...wonderful!
These two ATCs are from the Easter themed swap on CM&PC forum and are both great fun. The silver Easter basket on a yellow background is simple and elegant from Sandra McKeever, and the bright eggs, lettering, and spotted chicken on a straw background is the greatest of fun from Linda Brunton.
I have also received the Oriental swap back and just love all of them. The blue Kimono is from Claire Saytch and I love the detail in the silver stitching on this - it must have taken hours. The red and black 'dragon fan' is from Rhea Bellamy and is a beautifully rich ATC with texture and colour. And last but not least is the blue and silver 'Oriental Spice' by Kerry Knowles which is beautifully elegant.
I have also received a 'send a smile' card for April from Kerry Knowles which is very cute...I love the layout of this card and may have to adapt it for some of my own cards.
Finally, today I received this lovely little angel ATC from Nicola Meek, who I have not swapped with before and I look forward to swapping with her again as her work is beautiful. Needless to say I am thrilled with all of these. Thank you all so very much. More of my own crafty work soon.

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lindschick said...

Wow, what geat post to have received. Gorgeous cards fat book pages and atc's