Sunday, 27 April 2008

Mammoth bruises!

My turn for some bruises this weekend...I have two deep purple bruises the siz of a fist, one on each thigh (no I am not going to photograph them!). Here is how it happened: Alex and I made the most of the sun yesterday and spent a couple of hours in the park. His favourite thing there is the metal tube which is suspended as part of the smallest climbing frame. At either end of it there is a platform, one has a cargo net and a wooden walkway, and the other has a mini slide, some steps and a wooden walkway. Well I put Alex in the tube by climbing up the steps and he set off at a rapid pace towards the other end, but I couldn't go back down the steps because there was a little girl in the way so in order to get to Alex before he investigated the cargo net and took at 3 ft fall I had to jump down the little slide and I didn't fit! My hips took the brunt of it hence the massive bruises and after all that, Alex stayed giggling in the middle of the tube!
As it was lovely and dry I let Alex crawl all over the playground which he loved...his trousers were a mess at the end, but he was very happy. Today the weather hasn't been so kind..we made two brief jaunts outside and were rained on both times. However, Alex and I have been rolling happily on the floor together, playing chase, peering round door friends and going boo etc all to very loud giggles...I just love his laugh it is so infectious!
I have managed to do some crafting this weekend as well and catch up on some of the swaps that I have joined. The April technique swap on CM&PC forum is decoupage...not something I do very often as I am not fond of lots of cutting out. This means that I the only sheets of decoupage I have are freebies from magazines so I used those for this swap. They are all Margaret Shelly I believe if anyone is interested. I then mounted them on cards and decorated with glitter pens and ribbon where appropriate. Although I have made 4 only 3 are for the swap as I thought I had better keep one of them for posterity!
I also made an entry for a competition so I can't show it here. The theme of the competition was black and white, not something I have tried before although it is very trendy at the moment. Finally I made my three entries for the latest mystery item swap. The three items we had to use on our ATCs were a cocktail stick, a drinking straw and a sweet wrapper. I have to say that I found this one a bit of a challenge, but did eventually come up with something. The sweet wrapper one didn't turn out quite as well as I hoped though, as the stamping onto the layers of quality street wrappers wasn't even so it was hard to make out the medallion shape on it. I hope that these will be good enough for the swap.
More soon,


Claire said...

Couldn't resist a sneaky peak. All your ATC's are great, the decoupage is lovely and the mystery swap ones are great. Hope the bruises aren't too painful.


LazyKay said...

How disappointing - I was expecting pics of your injuries! LOL!

Lovely craftwork and Alex looks so happy here in the park - hope the nice weather returns soon.