Friday 25 April 2008

New Toy!

I have a new toy...a spanking new laptop from ASUS. It was bought through work and is fab, although it is going to take me some time to get used to the new operating system (Vista) and the new Office suite (2007). I have managed to get most things installed successfully on it and have transferred all my data across. The only program I am missing is Adobe Photoshop...I am going to have to pray about buying an uptodate version of it. Apart from a new computer things have been busy at work, I finally managed to get my latest grant in on time, by the skin of my teeth. I can't wait for our holiday...roll on May!
Alex has been good fun, having gone from enjoying playing with the flaps of the box, but being scared of going into the big box, he now happily plays inside it. He has also been entertaining me by using me as a climbing frame, a horse to ride on and a walking aid. He can now stand unsupported for up to three seconds, but hasn't really taken his first step yet. He currently has 7 teeth and I think that number 8 is on its way through, which may well explain his flushed cheeks, being off his food and general intermittent upset.
Having a new laptop to configure has meant that I haven't done much crafting in the past couple of days, although I did make a Birthday card for my sister-in-law. I am not sure whether I will be able to upload it as I haven't yet configured the camera and computer to talk to each other...I will just have to see whether I can manage it...Success! The card is actually lilac in colour, and is a bit bleached out because of the flash. I am quite pleased with this one as it only took me a little while to make, but has turned out really well. More soon,


Anonymous said...

Love the boxed up Alex. My older grandson loved climbing into my airing cupboard and closing the doors on himself - you'd think it would have been scary but he loved it.

Wow, new laptop! Well done but isn't it a pain transferring and uploading stuff?

Beautiful card too.


CA Scrimshaw said...

congrats on the new laptop !
i am struggling to find my way around vista too...still prefer to come down on the old desktop and good old winxp :)
Alex looks full of fun and love the card too :)
(hope the bruises are healing! )