Monday 21 April 2008

What a weekend!

We had a lovely day on Saturday, and did the usual house jobs, and family shopping trip, which was great fun. Alex was hilarious, being cheeky and entertaining by turns and we got round the shops in record time. Sadly, however, Tim was totally exhausted by the trip retreating to bed in the afternoon while Alex and I played in the sitting room. The difficulty was keeping Alex quiet enough for Tim to sleep as he is a very physical little boy who likes loud bangs, but we had great fun with him exploring the sitting room and me hiding toys for him to find etc. One of his favourite games at the moment is opening and shutting doors with me sat behind the door going 'boo' whenever he opens it! This makes him giggle like anything.
Sunday wasn’t quite so good we faced the challenge of Alex finally learning to escape from his rocking chair. Maybe I should explain: although Alex sleeps well in his cot at night during the day he sleeps in a chair which is battery operated to rock him to sleep. This has worked wonders ever since he was too big for his Moses basket, however he has now worked out how to wriggle himself out of the restraints and onto the floor. This wasn’t too much of a disaster as all we need to do is put him to sleep in his cot instead, but when we did that he decided that he wasn’t going to sleep, but discovered that he could open and shut the drawers of his dressing table with loud bangs, which he loved. This resulted in us completely rearranging Alex’s room so that the drawers are out of reach of the cot. Peace was finally restored.
Alex has also had a hair cut this weekend, as you can see from the first photo it was definitely over due, but I have to say that a number 4 all over is too short and I don’t like it. I miss his longer locks. As a result of Alex missing his lunchtime nap he has been a little more temperamental and inclined to scream the place down if he doesn’t get exactly what he wants, but since what he mostly wanted was to be with me in the sitting room that wasn’t too bad and so we had a nice time playing down there. The photo is of Alex with short hair eating his tea…what a messy, happy boy!
The result of all this upset is that I didn’t get much time for crafting this weekend although I did make a birthday card for one of my best friends. I quite like the colours of this one, very pink and girly and she loves flowers and butterflies so I hope she will like this.
I have also been experimenting with friendly plastic which resulted in this rather bright and garish card…I am not sure that I like it very much.
Rather more successful were these trading cards that I made…I think that they have worked much better and am quite pleased with them as they use the Crafty Individual background papers, silver peel-offs, and silver versamark ink to edge the cards. More soon,


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Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmm difficult situation re Alex's increased mobility and Tim's illness but I agree - time to move on, Alex will soon get used to the idea of afternoon nap in his cot, or even on a mat on the floor or sofa, it doesn't matter so long as he gets an hour where both he and Tim can recharge their batteries.

Love the attempts with friendly plastic - it's quite nice if you have some wee shaped metal cutters, the sort you use for tiny biscuits or shapes for the top of cakes - keep playing, you'll like it.