Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Isn't it lovely when...

...the weather is nice and you can get outside! Alex and I have been out every evening after work this week, either in the garden or to the park and have enjoyed every minute of it. I think that he prefers the park as it is cleaner and flat therefore easier for him to crawl around, and he loves the tunnel, slide and swings. It has been so lovely to be outside after being really busy at work.
Alex is beginning to get used to our garden, although the slope of the lawn is proving a challenge to him, as is the uneveness of the grass. He much prefers going up and down the path, which is flat, but more dangerous as it ends in a 5 ft drop with very steep steps...we haven't yet managed to get a fence and gate, which is the plan for this year. He has discovered the fun of fencing with sticks, and attempts to eat stones, all necessary parts of a small boys development!
Alex wasn't sure what to do with the daffodil once he had it and kept alternately dropping it and picking it up...on the whole he prefered the stick!
I have also experimented a little more with friendly plastic and created these abstract art ATCs, which I have to say I quite like.
This card is a simple notelet for my standby box, and used mulberry paper for the first time in ages.
Finally, this is my scrapbook layout for the week, of Alex only 10 days old entitled simply 'Baby'. I didn't add much to this one as the Making Memories stickers seemed to say it all. The yellow one says 'you're what dreams are made of' and the blue one says 'you captured my heart the moment they placed you in my arms'. The layout is based very loosely on sketch # at Pencil Lines. Let me know what you think. More soon,


Mel said...

the LO is so lovely...sometimes less is more and thats definetely the case here

LazyKay said...

Beautiful layout and you're right, it doesn't need anything else.

Love the ATCs and that wee notelet is so sweet.

That pic of Alex with the daff is gorgeous - he really looks as if he's studying all the elements of the flower.