Sunday, 13 April 2008

Nasty cough and cold

I was so glad when it came to the weekend I can’t tell you…this week has been awful, but the weekend was lovely and more than made up for it. Poor Alex still isn’t well as he has a stinking streaming cold and a nasty cough which is keeping him awake at night. Subsequently he is very tired and so inclined to be moody, swinging between very happy and content with his own company and needing constant attention. It hasn’t helped that the weather has been so revolting this weekend that we haven’t managed to go to the park and so he has got a little stir crazy. He did enjoy our family shopping trip on Saturday and ‘helping’ me put everything away – well he charged round the kitchen trying to pull the things out of the cupboards while I put them in, but what do you expect!
His latest game is to crouch and then stand up while we say 'down' or 'up' in alternately low and high pitched voices…it makes him grin and giggle like mad! He has also enjoyed me reading the Percy the Park Keeper books to him, and sitting on my lap ‘crafting’ or helping me to craft. There is only one room in the house which is properly Alex proof where he can be left unsupervised, and we have two playpens in other rooms. However, as he is getting more mobile he loves it when I come home and let him roam around the place while supervising it. Sadly Tim's illness doesn't allow him to do this much during the day, so I make up for it at weekends and in the evenings.
Isn't it funny how different babies pick up different skills at different stages? Finger food is still a bit of an issue with Alex...he will eat anything that looks like bread, biscuit or cereal and has started to bite it, but wont try anything else i.e. fruit, cucumber, mild cheese etc. I guess that he will get there in his own time, and at least he is eating the mashed up food we make him and is obviously healthy (when he hasn't got a cold!).
I have managed to do some crafting this weekend including my scrapbook layout for this week entitled 'Crawling'. The colour scheme was chosen based on the carpet and clothes that Alex is wearing in the photo. I again used my HeroArts baby hand and feet stamps, some feet brads and Angelkiss flowers to embellish this layout. The journalling details Alex's journey from crawling backwards, to comando crawling to proper crawling forwards.
On the CM&PC forum I have joined in with a 'favourite theme' swap where everyone gives you your favourite theme (in my case Vintage). There are 10 people in the swap which means that I have to make 9 trading cards with different themes. The Adele Penguin (photo from the National Geographic site) is enhanced with silver peel-offs and glitter glue, whereas the Oriental is different from my previous styles and uses gold peel-off characters.
I love snakes and think that King Cobras are among the most beautiful looking snakes, and this photo (National Geographic) only needed gold to set it off. In contrast, for me puppies are messy and leave paw prints everywhere as well as messing up the flowerbeds, hence the mucky paw prints on this one.
One of the other ladies asked for halloween as a theme, which I am not fond of, but I thought that these pumpkins were very impressive and good fun so I mounted them on black card, put a gold edging on and add orange brads.
Finally, another lady wanted movie stars and for me one of the most iconic movie stars of all time is Marilyn Monroe so I mounted this iconic photo of her on pink and topped it off with pink sequins. I hope the recipients like these ones, more soon,


LazyKay said...

Hope Alex is starting to get over his viral infection now - he certainly looks lively on your pictures. Ilove the page layout but can't read the journaling on my computer.

The ATCs are lovely. I especially like how you've treated the Hallow'een theme as it's one I always struggle with.


Momiji said...

glad Alex a bit better..lovely photo of the two of you!