Sunday, 17 May 2009

Busy Weekend!

We have had a wonderful weekend full of friends and family. Yesterday we went down to Kenilworth to see Tim's family. All the way down in the car Alex talked about going to see 'Gampa Feet' so when we all arrived it was only natural that Alex and Grandpa Pete should have a nice cuddle. It was Tom and Sam's birthdays this week so we had a family party for them which was lovely. It was great to get everyone together and to see all the kids enjoying themselves. Both boys loved the presents we gave them...Sam spent ages hunting for insects to catch with his new bug catcher while Tom lined his creepy crawlies up in a row. In the meantime Alex played with all of their toys, creating mayhem whereever he went!
He also had a few cuddles with Granny, Daddy and Grandpa Pete on the sofa.All the boys sat watching the candles being lit on the cake. Tom had a great birthday cake and Alex was very impressed with Tom blowing out the candles, but he liked eating the cake even more. We were able to go into the garden in between the showers during which time Alex learnt to climb ladders! It was fun to get all three boys onto the slide at the same time, just a shame my camera didn't take the shot a bit sooner.
Today Alex and I went shopping in the morning, and then he played with his new garage and some little cars that he has just been given before lunch and his afternoon nap. This afternoon we went to see some work friends, both of whom have two girls. Alex had a great time chasing round the kitchen with cars, prams, pushchairs etc and then ate everyone elses muffin - little pig wig! Sadly I didn't manage to get any photos, but it was very funny to see how all five children interacted.
I have done a little crafting this weekend in the form of this scrapbook page of photos from Alex's birthday last month entitled 'Open my presents'. The papers are a mixture of Hot off the Press and sandylion, and the stickers were from my local post office! The journalling reads 'Alex loved being able to unwrap his presents himself on his second birthday, although he didn't mind when his big cousin Sam helped'. That is all for now as I am running a little late with this post. Have a great weekend everyone.

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LazyKay said...

Such lovely memories you've captures and great layout page too.