Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I love Bank Holidays!

It was so nice to wake up on Monday morning and to know that I had a whole day of playing at home with Alex. We had a great day together playing in the garden, playing with trains, cars, diggers etc, playing games of rough and tumble, and of course our usual trip to the park. Alex also drew one picture and made a sticker and drawing collage. He chatters away the whole time now, telling me different things that he is doing, pretending to chat to his Grandma on the phone etc. His latest game is to walk out of a door, shutting it behind him while saying either ‘bub-bye’ or ‘see-ooo later’ and then to walk back in a few seconds later saying ‘morning!’…it doesn’t matter that it is usually the evening when he does this. It is very cute to watch! This evening he cracked me up as he decided that he wanted to wear a hood, however, as he had just come out of his bath and was only wearing a nappy this was not possible so he put a t-shirt on his head and pretended it was his hood until bed-time!In the evenings I have been playing with my new quilling papers. I remember trying quilling as a child and hating it so I wasn’t convinced it would be for me, but having been given the papers and a book I thought I would give it a go as this month’s fat page swap is for new techniques. Well I enjoyed it a bit more than I expected and these two fat pages are what I came up with. The daffodil was my first attempt and I’m not convinced it looks much like a daffodil. The cat was somewhat more successful although you can't really see his eyes in this photo.It is my God-daughter’s birthday this week so I made her a card following the CPS sketch and using my new Pickles and Onion stickers. I thought that this elephant looked suitably cute, and as she is a girl who is into all things cute and pink, I am fairly confident that she will like it. That is all from me for now. Hope you are all having a good week.

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Debsydoo said...

Lovely cards and great piccies of Alex Caro. Looks like he had loadsa fun :0)

hugs Debs x