Friday, 15 May 2009

Glad it's Friday!

I’m so glad it is the weekend. Work is chaotic at the moment as I have a Master’s student who needs constant supervision meaning that I have less time than usual to do my own work. Despite that I have managed to complete and submit my review article and am hoping to do some of my own work next week. In the meantime at home poor Alex is still struggling with his cold and is finding it hard to sleep meaning that he is completely shattered in the evenings after nursery. This led to some of his worst ever tantrums yesterday over the strangest things as basically he was just too tired to cope. You can really tell that he is 2! Today he is much happier and we have had fun playing with trains, cars, bubbles at bathtime (a new favourite!) and games of ‘Boo’ as pictured. I haven’t done a great deal of crafting as I decided that my desk needed clearing as I couldn’t find anything I wanted to use and it was stressing me somewhat. However, I did manage to make a card following last weeks Sketch Friday’s sketch – I always seem to be late! This is a birthday card for a 10 year old boy who is into whales and dolphins so I hope he likes it. The sticker is holographic, which is why the photo doesn’t do it justice, and the whales move depending upon the angle you look at it. Finally I decided to jazz up the lion birthday card with some more stickers making it more fun and funky for a 3 year old. I am much happier with it now. We have a busy weekend coming up with a birthday party and visiting friends so not much crafting for me…I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Lazykay said...

Lovely cards, I particularly like the blue one.

Get well soon Alex.


Dark Fairy said...

Hi Caro,

I finally worked out how to follow you and sally bentham, only took me a couple of days, so there is hope for me yet. I love your blog, and the pics of the otters- love them.

have a happy day