Friday, 22 May 2009

Way Hay!

It’s the weekend, and even better, it is a bank holiday weekend! I have received good advice from both my line manager and my head of department regarding the awful student, which is helping. It doesn’t stop the student from expecting me to do all his work for him, but at least I don’t feel that I have to and can tell him to get on with it by himself. This means that I finally have time to get on with my own work! Meanwhile at home poor Alex isn’t sleeping well and therefore is completely exhausted so inclined to get very upset at the slightest thing which is a shame. However, both yesterday and this evening we very much enjoyed being able to get out into the garden for the first time in days. It was wonderful to get outside and watch Alex play on his slide, his car and tricycle. He also thought it was really funny to blow the dandelion clocks although he isn’t very good at blowing so a lot of the seeds ended up stuck to his face. Crafting wise I have started a project that I don’t quite know how I am going to finish! I have decorated an A4 piece of card with K&Co paper and then stamped various swirls, leaves, flowers, postmarks, Eiffel towers and Tower of Pisa images, then layered postage stamps and images of postcards, envelopes and tags on top as shown here. The general idea behind this is to then cut this page up into trading card size pieces and further decorate the top….this is definitely a work in progress so watch this space! Other news is that my prize for an article in the cardmaking and Papercraft magazine has arrived. It is massive containing 3 books, 8 bottles of glittery/shiney glue in different colours, several ink dabbers, and some quilling papers. I haven’t tried quilling since I was about 8 so I guess I know what I will be doing at some point soon! I hope you all have a good weekend.


LazyKay said...

Oh what a lovely goody bag! Lots of quilling papers there as well as all the other stuff.


Anonymous said...

Caro I like the look of the A4 piece of paper that you have decorated and what a great idea to make that into ATCS,and thats a great prize you won.

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