Wednesday 19 March 2008

Another big thank you.

I just wanted to type another separate post of thanks to all the wonderful people who have sent me ATCs and fat book pages in the past 10 days or so. I have received a fabulous collection and am thrilled with all the effort and work that has gone into these. These first two were from individual swaps where I really liked the pieces of work and bid for them. The Cadbury advertising (by Claire Saytch) really made me giggle as Cadbury’s try to present chocolate as good for you! I am a sucker for all things Oriental and so just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to own this Oriental ATC by Janet Matthews.
These next four are from the Alphabet swap and I love them all. S is for Shells is by Julie Hancock, T is for Time by Joanne Browne, U is for Under the sea by Michaela Wade (aged 9), and V is for Voyage by Gill Sweetman.
These final ATCs are from the mystery items swap organised by Claire Saytch. Claire gave us all the same items (a pink feather, a paper clip and some blue mesh) and we all had to make trading cards with them. These are all wonderful and very imaginative. Barbara Williams has used the pink feather beautifully in her elegant ‘Shop till you drop’, whereas Lindsey Prince has decided to use all three items in her wonderful ‘All things bright and beautiful’ ATC. Finally Joanne Browne had the same idea as me in that the net reminded her of the sea only in her case she chose to use the net as the sea to great effect.
Finally I have received three more Butterfly fat book pages. This one is from Carol Brown and uses the tag ‘butterfly kisses are the best’ to great effect.
I just love the use of brown and diamond framing on this beautiful page by Claire Saytch.
Finally, the use of text as a background with certain words highlighted is very effective on this elegant page by Gabi Mann. That’s all for now folks, a proper update on my doings will be forthcoming tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

These are all SO beautiful - isn't it lovely getting crafty post?


Cazzy said...

Chocolate IS good for you! Mind you Cadburys used to come round school and give talks on it!

I later did a project on them for BTEC, which seems a long time ago - it was I suppose, but basically they see it as a health food with all that milk!

Chocolate is good for you, but not the Cadbury's sort, Green and Blacks dark at least 70% cocoa is the stuff and only two squares a day!

As I have no will power I go for the milk version and a whole bar!

Caro said...

I know what you mean Cazzy...milk chocolate for me every time!