Sunday, 16 March 2008

Another busy weekend

We are getting some new furniture tomorrow, thanks to my parents-in-law, and so this weekend has been spent clearing the entrance hall so that the removal men will be able to get the dresser, table and chairs in, cleaning the old table and chairs to send back to Pete & Kath and emptying the shelves in the sitting room of DVDs and ornaments as the shelves are being replaced with the new dresser. What with cooking, cleaning, washing and shopping it has been a tiring weekend and Tim retreated to bed this afternoon leaving Alex and me to play in the sitting room. We had the greatest of fun, although I kept having to chase him away from the CDs which he wanted to pull all over the floor.
He so loves having the freedom to explore, but sadly our house isn't really designed for it so I am having to try and make modifications to each room so that he is with him crawling around my feet trying to open the cupboards and generally making lots of noise on the laminate floor with his train is highly amusing. I did manage to bake a cake and some flapjack today which was nice as I haven't baked for ages.
Crafting wise I have been trying to catch up with the fatbook pages and finish them off so I have made 6 in all. 2 similar to previous designs and four new ones, all using different K&Co papers as background, and vellum butterflies as the main images.
these four were more vintage in style than previous ones.I hope you like them! More soon,

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LazyKay said...

Lovely fat book pages Caro. Don't envy you the room reorganisation, when it's all taken out, you wonder where you fitted it.

I love the '..........retreated to his room!