Thursday 27 March 2008

Sorting out and catching up

It always seems to take me ages to get back on top of things after being away and being really busy at work hasn’t helped. I have therefore spent the past few days (when not at work) sorting out the house and trying to re-organise my crafting things which have got out of hand again. I haven’t yet finished but hope to this weekend. Work has been completely mad and I have finished and printed two A0 sized posters ready for the conference next week. As well as that I have submitted another grant application to Yorkshire Cancer Research for a years worth of funding. Fingers crossed that one of these grants comes through.
As part of the great tidy up I ordered some more pockets for my trading cards which were sitting in a pile on my desk and have now filed them all away. The complete collection looks stunning and I love seeing ATCs added to it from the different swaps. I have also sent off all the cards I owe including all the fat book pages and this months ‘send a smile’. The picture above was generated using one of my photos adapted with Adobe Photoshop and was used on the back of all my fat book pages.
Alex has been a bit off colour this week, alternately happy and grumpy with no apparent cause, as well as being off his food and not sleeping properly. There is no evidence of teething so we can only assume that he has the same virus that Tim and I have which leaves you feeling achy (especially headachy) and not able to sleep well. Poor little chap, I hope he feels better soon. We have had a lot of fun though playing with new toys etc.
The only crafting I have managed to do this week was this card, which is for my mother-in-laws Birthday. The flowers are from Scrapping Angels and I am pleased with how the card has come together. Anyway, off to do some more catching up and sorting out. More soon I hope,


Momiji said...

love the design for the backs of your fat book pages!

Anonymous said...

Get well hugs for Alex.

Love that butterfly thing you've done - is it a computer font or writing?

Beautiful card - love the way the flowers stand out.

Good luck with your grant applications.