Thursday, 20 March 2008

Happy Easter

Thursday already...I can't quite believe it. It has been such a busy week, what with furniture arrival on Monday and a hectic work schedule. Monday was chaos, but the new furniture (solid oak dining table and chairs, solid oak dresser, and a glass fronted book case) is very beautiful and now that it is all in place looks fabulous. I can't quite believe this is our dining room! OK so the highchair doesn't quite fit with everything else (especially as we got it from a skip!), but that doesn't detract from how amazing the rest of the room looks.
Work has been stupidly busy, with yet another grant deadline looming, having to organise a 6 week teaching and laboratory schedule for 15 medical students and making 2 posters for a conference in less than two weeks time. Poster making is quite fun in many ways and appeals to the crafty side of my nature even though it is only Powerpoint and follows a strict structure with an Introduction (background to the science), hypothesis and aims of the research, methods used, results (usually graphs and pictures), conclusions and references. I like the challenge of putting it all together on one page and trying to make it look neat and balanced. This is an example of a previous one as I haven't finished either of the two I am currently working on.
Alex has been great fun to be with this week...we have been playing lots of different games, chase, using Mummy as a climbing frame, stacking bricks & rings, cars, ball, reading etc. I should say that he now appears to have a toy that he is very attached to...his teddy. He has lots of teddies, but this little white and red knitted one is a firm favourite which he munches the nose, ears and paws (it needs regular washing!). He can often be seen crawling across the floor with teddy in his mouth! Another firm favourite is a green plastic isn't fancy, doesn't do anything, in fact it is just a lump of plastic, but he loves holding it and especially hitting things with it. Loud banging noises are a firm favourite with him.
I have managed to do some crafting this week. These two fat book pages have completed the ones that I need to make...I just need to decorate the backs of them all and then I can send them out to people. Again I have used a K&Co background and added vellum and sticker butterflies to it, and highlighted some of the patterns with a sakura stardust pen.
This double page layout is one I have been meaning to try for ages, but haven't had the is entitled 'Stepping out with our baby' and contains photos of our many walks through Sheffield while I was on Maternity leave. I am not very confident at using lots of photos on one page, so I was quite pleased at how this one turned out. I have also made a card for my Dad's birthday, however, I can't put a picture of it on here as I am intending to show him this website when I see him this weekend.
I wont be around for a while as Alex and I are heading down to Somerset to my parents for the Easter Weekend. Sadly Tim wont be joining us as he is currently too ill to travel (gets too dizzy and carsick as well as the CFS). We are celebrating my Mothers 60th while we are down there with a family dinner party which I am very much looking forward to. I will update upon our return. In the meantime, Happy Easter everyone.


Cazzy said...

I love the fat book pages with the butterflies, I don't totally understand what they are but I like them.

Alex is so cute, he is growing up fast!

LazyKay said...

Wow, you posted a lot in one go.

LOVE that furniture - looks solid enough to hand on to your grandchildren!

Great layout pages and fat book pages and photos of Alex (as always).

Doing those posters is a lot of work - I helped my daughter do one for one of her assignments and it took me ages (probably because I was learning as I went along) - impressive when they are finished to'.

Hope you have a lovely break over Easter and get a bit of rest.


Mel said...

love your butterfly pages...they are beautiful

have left you something on my Blog by the way ;O)