Sunday, 9 March 2008

Wedding weekend

Pat and Andy, the happy coupleMatthew (left) and Reuben (right), the groom's sons, who were ring bearers.
Aysha, my God-daughter and the groom's daughter who was a bridesmaid

I mentioned in my post on Friday that we had been invited to a wedding of a friend. Well the wedding was on Saturday and was the most unusual wedding I have ever been to. It was like a full on worship service with words, prophecies, prayers, a full worship band playing, music writen by the bride and groom, singing by the maid of honour, the church was decorated with trees and willows, gold and copper and the sevice lasted 2 hours! Pat (the bride) was dressed in a coppery brown dress with an alice band with feathers in her hair, Reuben and Matthew (the groom's sons) were ring bearers, Aysha (the groom's daughter) was a bridesmaid, and Andy (the groom) looked the happiest I had seen him in ages. Alex was completely hyperactive with the excitement in the church and I spent the whole time chasing him round the room or trying to get him to sit still...I was exhausted by the end of it!
Alex has been really funny this weekend...I don't think that he is very well still and so he is either completely mad and charging round the place or really grumpy and needing sleep. In the mad bits we have had a lot of fun, while playing with bricks, clapping, rolling on the floor, playing chase, reading, playing peek-a-boo, playing with cars and trains and trying to learn how to post different shapes into the correct holes. We also enjoyed our family shopping trip coupled with a quick trip to the park for some more fun.
However, due to the wedding and Alex needing a little more attention there hasn't been a great deal of time available for crafting this weekend. Although I have made an ATC for Angela, who requested an oriental card in exchange for the wonderful panda she sent me (I forgot to photograph it before posting it!). I have also started making my fat book pages. They are not all going to be the same, but the first three are similar as they use a background by K&Co, butterfly peel offs, glitter pens, pink and purple ink pads, a free flower border stamp, a mini stamp from a kids set, and a butterfly stamp from StampsAway. I am quite pleased with how these three have turned out and I hope that people like them. More soon,

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LazyKay said...

Wow Caro, that wedding sounds amazing and a real celebration of the event and everyone looks so gorgeous - those boys in the white suits and the young bridesmaid - great pics for scrapbooking.

Your fatbook pages are gorgeous.