Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Tired bumps

It is amazing what you can manage on only 4 hours sleep a night. I don't think I have slept much more than that for the past two weeks and yet I can still sound coherent and manage to do my work (although I think tiredness insanity is setting in). Work is so frantic at the moment that I have to confess to feeling a little stressed about it. So far this week I have edited a paper, analysed some data, edited a grant, answered some comprehensive questions on a grant, written a talk for tomorrow morning, and that is just for starters. Exhausting stuff.
Thank goodness for the evenings when i can have some much needed fun with Alex. He is currently sporting a small bruise on his forehead from a little tumble today while he was comes of being extremely active and not fully steady on his feet yet. He is also extremely tired as he isn't sleeping at the moment, probably because another tooth is coming through, although it may be the horrendous winds we have been experiencing. We have had great fun playing with cars tonight (it was bricks last night, and rings on Monday) as well as chase,tickles, peekaboo & story time. I just had to take this picture of him in his peruvian cardigan to show Gran (who gave it to him)...the cardigan is still too big , but he loves cuddling into it and I love the way he looks like a little pixie in it!
I have done a little crafting in the evenings and was quite pleased with this Christmas layout (I will finish Christmas soon, I promise!) of my family. We went there just after Christmas and I have managed to include a photo of everyone on this layout, which was a challenge as Dad only appeared in the background of one photo and I was only in the one photo taken on my brothers camera.
I have also made two more fat book pages using K&Co hydrangia paper in the background, vellum butterflies, a small butterfly stamp, and sakura pens. I just love the shimmery effect of the sakura stardust pen and have used it loads on these two, although you can't see that in the photos. I hope people like them. More on Friday.


Momiji said...

love the butterfly pages..would love to see them for real.

Angelswings_2 said...

I love love love these two pages.... stunning!

Mel said...

beautiful butterfly pages and a great LO ...well done

LazyKay said...

Lovely pages both layout and fat pages and of course your young man's pic is gorgeous.

I recall the 'too tired to think' period - I thought it would never end! No wonder sleep deprivation is used as a torture technique.

No chance someone could have Alex for a couple of hours one week end to allow you a wee catch up sleep?