Sunday, 25 January 2009

Hair cut

We have had a lovely weekend enjoying the dry weather during the day as it only rained at night. Alex and I went to the park both days and he absolutely loved stomping around in his new boots and splashing in all the puddles.

Both trips were a real mixture of walking down the path to stamp in the 'puggles' and playing on the climbing frame, in the tunnels and going down the slide. It was rather cold both days, but good fun. Alex had begun to look like Little Lord Fauntleroy with his curly blond locks and as he kept getting food in his hair which was proving very difficult to wash out we decided it was time he had a hair cut. I am not sure who found it more traumatic...him or me. Once he was bribed with chocolate buttons he coped quite well, but I think it looks far too short at the moment. I have continued with my efforts to photograph some thing from nature each weekend this year and this time I have managed two efforts. This one is of the sun going down this evening using the night scenery mode on my camera. This one is of a magpie who was perched at the top of a tall tree as we walked underneith. The camera was on full zoom.
Crafting wise this weekend I have been doing a project that I meant to start about 18 months ago and that is an oldfashioned scrapbook of Alex's art work. I found this colour paged scrapbook in my local post office and decorated it with wrapping paper and stickers of things that Alex likes.
The inside includes any photos of him crafting along with his art, the dates on which he did the drawing etc and his age.
I have included the things he brings back from nursery for a complete record and am going to add some of his attempts at photography as well. I will continue to fill this book throughout the early years of his life. That is all from me for now. Have a great week everyone.


LazyKay said...

Hope you saved a curl for the scrapbook.

Love the photos of the puggle splashing - strange how kids love this - a shame we lose the wonder of it.

Great idea to keep his artwork and a record of when he did it - I'm afraid I lost ours when we moved and some got damp and went mildewed so you do right to preserve it.


Momiji said...

I love the natural photographs you took.
I remember feeling sad when I had the curls cut off. came across them recently of Jonathans and one of Bekas! they have kept amazingly well!