Sunday, 11 January 2009

This photo was taken on Friday as I was leaving work, the sun had just set but the silhouette of the tree was still evident and as I had my camera I couldn't resist snapping it. It has definitely one of those weekends...I came down with another sickness bug and spent most of Saturday collapsed in a heap on the sofa while Alex ran round the sitting room coming and getting the occasional hug and showing me his trains, cars, bus, van and drawing. I felt really weak and wobbly and in a lot of pain from my tummy. Tim, bless him managed to pop out and do the shopping for me and fed Alex to relieve the pressure, but by the end of the day Alex had got a bit stir crazy poor thing.
Today we are all much better and so after a morning of organising various parcels for posting Alex and I headed out to friends to play. He loved exploring their house and playing with their different toys, especially a postman pat van. He and Chloe, who is 6 months younger than him, were very funny together both wanting the same toys at the same time, then passing each other things and pushing past each other. They are both a little young to play with each other, but still enjoy the company. They were both a little tired and hungry by the time we left and getting a bit fractious, but all in all it was a great afternoon out.
There has been little energy or time for crafting this weekend but I did manage to make this card for my sister-in-law who loves elephants. All the backing papers and images are from the Jane Netley-Mayhew CD and the oval and scalloped edges were made using my nestabilities dies.
Finally I made this fatbook page out of an origami elephant that I attempted to make. It is probably the most ambitious and difficult origami project I have ever tried so i couldn't just throw it away, hence it being turned into a fatbook page for someone who loves elephants. Hopefully I will feel more like crafting this week and there will be more to post but for now have a great week everyone.


Momiji said...

I think I know who this is for ? Giligogs? lol
I love the origami elephant! I have never made one of those...

lindschick said...

Hi, the photos are fab and I love the cards, the origami ellie looks great it must have been very intricate.


LazyKay said...

Hope you get well soon Caro.

At least you manged not to lose your mojo by the look of the displayed crafting!