Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

I can't believe it is New Year already and a freezing day it is too, the frost hasn't let up for several days in a row now. Last year I made three resolutions and only partially kept them. The first one was to keep my crafting area tidy...well that didn't really happen, it got gradually messier and messier until I couldn't stand it anymore and had to blitz it and start the cycle all over again. The second one was to get my photo album up to date...well it is more up to date than it was, but I need to order some more photos in order to finish it. The third one is the only one that I really managed to keep and that was to do one scrapbook page a although I didn't necessarily do that, I did manage to do more than one some weeks so overall I must have had an average of more than one a week so that is pretty good! I think perhaps I had better have the same three resolutions this year in order to keep on top of the ever growing pile of photos of Alex.
Alex is still not very well but we had great fun today sorting out his toys in order to have space for a play area in the study. It is time that some of his toys went into storage to make way for the new ones. We also had fun playing with trains, cars and spent some time out in the very frosty garden. He is gradually improving healthwise although it does seem like we take very small steps forward and several steps backwards at the moment, especially where eating is concerned. I really hope that his throat heals soon and he will go back to eating proper food as it is very hard to give him a nutritionally balanced diet at the moment.
In order to start my New years resolutions as I mean to go on I have made two scrapbook pages over the last few days and ordered about 100 photos for my photo album and scrapbooks. That should enable me to make a good start in terms of getting my albums up to date. Both these pages used my new Cuttlekids Tadpole Alphabet. This first one is entitled 'Making Music' and uses velum, notes printed from the internet and Bazzil cardstock. The journalling reads 'Alex, Sam and Tom playing Granny's piano!' and the photos were taken on 5th April 2008.
The second page uses photos from much earlier (Aug-Sep 2007) and is meant to represent Alex's attempts at rolling over and the fact that he liked playing like that. The journalling reads 'From the moment Alex learnt to roll over aged 4 months he was never happier than playing on his tummy and wriggling across the floor'. It has been strange to srapbook on such a large scale and in bright modern colours again and it is taking some getting used to, but I am determined to get going with it again. I just need the photos and papers I have ordered to turn up as I am somewhat limited until they do!
Anyway, Happy New Year everyone and I pray that 2009 is rewarding, fulfilling, filled with peace, joy and laughter for you all.


LazyKay said...

Beautiful pages again - I particularly like the making music one.

Well done on your achievements during the last year, although you may not have felt you'd done all you wanted to, with work, family and daily life, I think you do increadibly well.

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

well caro you have been busy again,what lovely photos esp the trees/leaves.caroline73..cmpc