Sunday, 22 February 2009

Active weekend

Well it has certainly been an active weekend. Yesterday I did the shopping, washing, tidying etc and then as the weather was so nice took Alex to feed the ducks at Forge Dam. He hasn't explored there since he could walk so he loved it, walking round the edge of the duck pond, watching the ducks, shouting 'bird', 'uck' and 'wack' at the top of his voice, closely followed by 'wasser' (water), 'bwidge' and 'stream'. He particularly liked the little stone bridge and going into the woods.
This morning he was tired and fractious so we did some drawing and then I decided to do some cooking with him. We had a go at making sponge cakes which was great fun as he stirred the mixture happily and got very messy putting it into the cupcake cases. However, we discovered about 5 minutes afterwards that he has an egg allergy as his skin which had been in contact with the mixture flared up in an ichy rash. Fortunately he didn't eat much of the mixture and the rash went down again within the space of an hour....we will book him an appointment at the GPs next week to investigate further as he has never shown any reaction to cooked egg.
This afternoon we went to the park and spent ages looking at this raven who was sat in the grass just looking back at us and ignoring the yells of 'BIRD'.
Alex had a great time running round the park letting off steam, but didn't really want to go on any of the play equipment.
I have also managed to do a bit of crafting this weekend and have finished off the fatbook page and ATC swaps by making 8 ATCs all of vintage ladies.
These are the next four.
This is what they look like in their pockets on the fatbook pages.
I also made another domino tile. This time in a vintage style ready to hang on a cord. The images on front and back are of Alex which I turned into sepia tones.
This is the other side...the images are clearer in real life as the varnish does not obscure them.
I also made a couple of quick cards using my new Cuttlebug folder 'bird song'. This one I just highlighted the bird and edges of the grass with sakura stardust and added a sparkly ribbon (so it fits with the Cuttlebug spot 'bling' challenge), then stamped the words 'make a wish' and put a little detail on the bird in black pen. The second one I coloured in using chalks and mounted on a blue background card. That's all for now. Have a great week everyone.


Momiji said...

love the sepia effect tile and the lovely vintage atcs...

Sally said...

Those fat pages with atc's are great Caro, can't wait to get mine.

LazyKay said...

Love all your craftwork.

The skin rash might just have been because the mix was soggy - my daughter used to get a rash like that from fresh tomato because she used to make a 'smile' with it and hold it to her mouth but it didn't actually develop into an allergy in the end.